How Can I Help?

With thousands of caregivers in our country, we all have friends or family who are busy juggling care for multiple people while running households, maintaining jobs, raising children, and more. They are busy, often exhausted. We recognize their struggle and we want to help. Our first inclination is to ask, “How I can I help?”

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The Baby Boomers Generation is Everywhere


The Baby Boomers generation, born between 1946 and1964, is currently the largest living generation reportedly at 76 million people standing strong. By 2020, an expected 8,000 Americans will be turning 65 on a daily basis.

Boomers are the largest, most talked-about, most influential group in American society and their triumphs and issues are areas which have the potential to affect the rest of society. It may be a good idea to pay attention to what they’re talking about!

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How to Care for a Loved One from a Distance

When you get the news that someone you love is sick or needs medical attention, the first thing you want to do is help. What happens when that loved one is far away? In another state, or even another country? How do you step in to help when you can’t actually be there? We have a few tips for long-distance caregiving that will allow you to truly help, even from far away.

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Planning Meals for Sick Friends

When your friend is fighting cancer, or any particular illness, one of the most helpful things you can do is deliver a meal or two. It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, a simply presented, but delicious meal might be just what the family of a sick loved one needs. If you are feeling intimated by the process or just aren’t sure where to start, here are some simple ideas for delivering meals to friends in need.

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What to Say After Surgery – Providing Support for your Friend

At some point, we have all had at least one friend or family member who has endured some kind of surgery. We all make a promise to go visit. We pick up some flowers and then that awkward moment hits. We walk in the room and we are expected to say something. If you’re feeling that knot in your stomach, even as you read this, allow us to offer some advice as you think about what to say after surgery.

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9 Hospital Care Package Ideas That Will Make Anyone Feel Better

When a friend or family member is admitted to the hospital, it can be isolating and lonely for everyone involved. Whether you are a caregiver or care for a caregiver, creating a care package for your loved one can bring much needed comfort. Here are nine ideas for hospital care packages that will make anyone feel better.

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5 Tips to Make Summer Last

Can you hear the ring of school bells in the distance? Can you feel just a nip of cooler weather as the sun sets?

With just a few more weeks left of summer, the warm season is winding down and busy fall schedules are just around the corner. Here at Lotsa Helping Hands, we dread packing away our suitcases and swimsuits, but we are always happy to welcome everyone back from vacations and settle into more regular routines. For those of you supporting caregivers, this can be a time of respite, relaxation, and getting ready for the bustle of fall. But if you are providing full-time care for a loved one, the intensity of your responsibilities may not change much from season to season.

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Caring for Kids and Parents: Help for the Sandwich Generation

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? Roast beef and cheddar? Peanut butter and jelly? Hummus and veggie? Sandwiches, much like us, are diverse and varied, sometimes simple, sometimes complicated. But they always have one thing in common: the middle component holds it all together. If you are caring for kids and parents at the same time – you are the middle component holding it all together.

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Helping The Community Help You

As a caregiver, the phrase you probably hear most from friends and family is “What can I do to help?” As you juggle the responsibilities of caring for a loved one through an illness or crisis, as well as the every day, ongoing daily tasks, ranging from family to career, those offers of help can be both a welcome relief and additional burden. Here

Community Helpat Lotsa Helping Hands, hundreds of thousands of caregivers have accepted community help during times of need. We recognize that you may find all those offers of help overwhelming, so here are a few ideas to empower you the next time you hear that question.   Continue reading